Over time, your laptop or workstation will appear to get slower and slower. Initially, you won’t even notice, but a couple of years after first turning on your PC, you will.

There are many reasons for this including the hard disk drive slowly but inexorably starting to wear out, to all the unnecessary and unwanted software that gets installed alongside other legitimate software or peripheral items.

Not to mention the possibility of a viral infection, especially when the pre-installed antivirus software has expired.



Whatever the reason, we’re can help you with:

  • Diagnosis of issues with your operating system
  • Installation of latest versions of required applications
  • Removal of outdated and unnecessary software
  • Virus scanning and disinfection
  • Replacement of faulty components
  • Laptop screen and keyboard repairs
  • Home visits for home users (evenings included)
  • Office/site visits for business clients
  • Remote support and training



For further information and to discuss your repair and maintenance requirements, please contact us on 01777 71 72 72 or email hello@mndassociates.uk and we’ll be happy to assist.